Theme & Rationale

Designing 2030: Truth, Trust & Transparency

The 18th International Anti-Corruption Conference in Copenhagen brought together more than 1,600 people from 130 countries, drawn from civil society, governments, multilateral agencies, youth activists, musicians, filmmakers, journalists and business.

As a global movement we expressed our concern that around the world the foundations of democracy and the rule of law are under threat given the rise of authoritarian and populist regimes. Over more than a decade, despite countless declarations, promises and action plans, countries and institutions have fallen short of delivering on their promises. The time to act is now. The rise of state capture and the free flow of dirty money fuels human and environmental crimes, loss of privacy and civic space and weakens the capacity for international concerted action.

We need to ask and act on the kind of world we want in 2030.

Shaping the 2030 Agenda for Truth, Trust and Transparency:

No matter how much progress is made on other fronts, it is our collective work over the next decade that will define the chances for a fair and sustainable future. When the 19th IACC takes place in 2020 from June 2- 5 in Seoul, Korea, the Conference and festivals will provide a unique opportunity as a global platform to shape the future we want to see in 2030. A future of trust, truth and transparency.

Thematic Streams

  • Strategic Paths Towards a Positive Future
    In an increasingly interdependent world where changing geopolitics, natural resources scarcity and new technologies set new trends and challenges, corruption increases in complexity and reach. This thematic stream aims to provide a space for the movement to explore scenarios of what the next decade could look like and by doing so carve strategies, tools and broader coalitions to meet those possible future scenarios.
  • New Transparency Standards for Peace and Social Justice
    The rise of populism and extremism are eroding good governance still further. A sharp decrease in privacy and civic space pose further threats. Transparency and good governance are central to preventing corruption and the rise of non-democratic regimes. This thematic stream aims to identify essential transparency standards and provide a platform for all who defend their rights and the rights of others to share experiences and trace ways forward to implement appropriate standards.
  • Breaking Vicious Cycles of Dirty Money and Impunity
    Dirty money and grand corruption, environmental crimes, trafficking, and organized crime thrive on impunity due to money laundering, tax havens and anonymous companies as key enablers. This thematic stream aims to review what progress has been made, stumbling blocks to address and common goals for 2030 to stop the flows of dirty money around the globe.
  • Defending the Truth
    Leaks, whistleblowers, cross border investigations, the use of new technologies and data move the needle in the fight against corruption. Being exposed is now a real fear the corrupt live with. Yet mass manipulation and fake news are on the rise facilitated by technology and the exploitation of personal data. This thematic stream aims to highlight how exposing the truth has changed the anti-corruption fight and identify strategies to counteract tech-based mass manipulation and fake news.
  • Restoring Trust by Collective Action
    The anti-corruption movement has placed corruption, transparency and integrity at the centre of the global agenda, with numerous conventions, laws, partnerships and commitments firmly rooted in the international institutional setting. However, governments and institutions have fallen short in addressing the challenges posed by corruption and lack of integrity. This stream aims to forge new and stronger alliances in the pursuit of new and reinvigorated integrity policies and strategies.
  • Common Efforts to Advance Social Justice
    The adoption of the UN SDG’s and in particular article 16 provides a global framework for cooperation and advancing our aspirations for a sustainable, fair and peaceful future. This thematic stream will assess the progress the delivery on the UN’s Global Goals at national levels and seek to generate strategies and recommendations to accelerate its implementation.


The call for workshop proposals is now close.

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