All those committed to fighting corruption are welcome to register now for #IACC2022, the in-person event taking place 6-10 December in Washington, D.C. You can register below using the event management platform Hopin. 

Stay tuned! Follow the hashtag #IACC2022 for updates, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook. If you have any enquiries, feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected]


  • Will it be possible to participate in the conference online?

    Throughout its 40-year history, the IACC has been an exciting opportunity for thousands of people all around the world to meet physically and exchange ideas. In 2020, COVID-19 led to a shift in this approach, opening up the conference proceedings to an even wider online audience. The IACC 2022 will continue this tradition by offering sessions online, but the primary focus of the conference will be at the physical venue in Washington, D.C.

  • What are the fees to attend the conference?

    The table of fees, including discounted rates, is below: 

    Classification  From June to 15 September 2022 From 16 September to 10 December 2022
    Regular fee (USD)  400 500
    Reduced fee (USD)  (for NGOs, academic institutions and students)  300 400
    Accompanying persons (USD)*  200 250
    Daily rate (USD)**  150 150

    *Admission only to social events
    **Subject to limited availability

  • I’m not sure I can afford the conference. Are fee waivers available for certain groups?

    There is a discounted rate for civil society organisations, academics and students. Email [email protected]  with any questions about meeting the criteria. 
    If you have significant experience in dealing with corruption, until 15 August 2022 you can also apply to coordinate a workshop at the conference. Successful applicants can apply to a workshop participation fund and seek to have their conference fees waived, and their travel costs and accommodation fully or partially funded. The workshop participation fund is a limited fund with an application policy and fair review process, which will be shared with successful workshop applicants. Priority will be given to civil society organisations and workshop panellists from low-income countries. If you have already paid for registration, you will have these fees refunded. 

  • I’m a journalist who would like to attend the conference. How should I apply?

    Media accreditation will open in July. A press advisory will be sent at this time. If you wish to sign up to receive this and other advisories from Transparency International, please email [email protected]. Members of the press do not pay to attend the conference.
    If you are a journalist at the beginning or middle of your career, you may be eligible for our Young Journalists programme, click here and check all the information, apply today!

  • What does the 2022 conference focus on? When will the conference agenda be available?

    The theme of the IACC 2022 is “Uprooting Corruption, Defending Democratic Values.” The main agenda tracks are presented here.  

    The complete conference agenda will be available in September.  The agenda for the last IACC held in 2020 is available here.

  • Who attends the IACC?

    Anyone interested in fighting corruption is welcome to register for the IACC. Approximately 1,500 people typically attend the event. Part of what is special about the IACC is that participants come from a range of backgrounds: community activists, non-profit staff, high-level policymakers, business people, policy experts and academics.

  • How does the IACC ensure diversity – both among speakers and participants?

    The IACC is committed to inviting speakers from diverse countries and from a variety of fields – including civil society and community activists, policymakers, business leaders and experts. One of the essential purposes of the conference is to bring together such a variety of leaders to review what has worked and make joint commitments to tackle corruption.

    The Transparency International movement is a network of over 100 independent chapters and national contacts around the world. Through this network, invitations are shared globally to ensure anti-corruption champions from around the world are included in the agenda and among the participants. We also partner with civil society and business networks to spread the word about the conference. 

  • How do I book my accommodation?

    IACC delegates are welcome to book a room at the hotel where the IACC 2022 is being hosted. Click here for more information

  • How do I apply for a US visa?

    IACC delegates are responsible for their visa application process. Click here for more information

  • What happens if COVID-19 prevents me from travelling?

    We advise all delegates to arrange for their own personal travel insurance. Conference registration fees can be refunded.

  • Is my registration fee refundable?

    Yes. See our registration policy below.


By registering, please be aware that you agree to the registration policy outlined below.

Registration fees and processing charges

Please note that these prices are in US dollars (USD). All registration fees will be charged in USD. You can check the exchange rate here.

Paying with VISA or MasterCard via Stripe

Early bird registration is open. Please note that early bird tickets are limited.

  • Early Bird Regular fee: the amount charged to your card will be USD$400, which covers all card processing fees.
  • Early Bird Reduced fee: (for NGOs, academic institutions and students) the amount charged to your card will be USD$300, which covers all card processing fees.
  • Early Bird Accompanying person fee: the amount charged to your card will be USD$200, which covers all card processing fees.
  • Day pass: (covers access for only one day of your choice), the amount charged to you card will be USD$150, which covers all card processing fees.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

All registration cancellations must be received in writing via an email to [email protected].

Full refund: Notification must be provided in writing by 2 December 2022 via an email to [email protected]. A full refund will be provided within 60 days; however, an administrative fee will be charged by Stripe.

All refunds will be processed within 2 months after the conclusion of the conference.

Important Information for all Participants

  • Those with a day pass are entitled to attend all sessions for the registered date only.
  • Conference participants have the option to bring an accompanying person to the IACC. Accompanying persons have access to the official social programme events only. They will not have access to the conference workshops or plenary sessions.
  • Each IACC participant is encouraged to obtain their own travel insurance and understand their individual visa requirements. The IACC organisers do not providetravel insurance.
  • An email confirming your registration, with an additional email confirming your payment from Stripe will be sent to you after your payment is complete. Should you not receive this payment confirmation, please contact the conference organiser on [email protected].
  • All registrants for IACC 2022 will need to comply with local COVID-19 regulations.
  • It is the responsibility of the registrants and any accompanying persons to ensure they have obtained valid visas and travel documentation to attend the conference. For more information please click here.
  • Should you require an official invitation in order to obtain your visa, please send an email request to [email protected].
  • If you actively participate in the event, for example by turning on your camera and/or audio or using the chat online, you agree to recordings of your audio, video and chat during the IACC for the purpose of documentation and evaluation and for publication of the recordings on Please read our privacy policy to see how to take part in the event without being recorded.
  • As the event organiser, Transparency International and the IACC are committed to creating an inclusive and harassment-free environment for all participants. Every participant should feel welcome, comfortable and safe at the event. Equally, every participant should act respectfully towards other participants, organisers, facilitators, moderators and other support staff. Harassment, including sexual harassment, discrimination and discriminatory remarks are not tolerated. We trust that participants know how to act in a professional and respectful manner. By registering, you commit to the Transparency International guidelines for online meetings and anti-harassment policy and understand that reported misconduct may lead to investigation.

The organisers of the IACC 2022 reserve the right at any time to change the programme or to cancel or postpone the conference. In the event of cancellation or postponement, their liability is limited to refunding any registration fee already paid. The organisers will notify registered participants at the address shown on their registration form of any decision to cancel or postpone. The organisers strongly recommend attendees take out their own insurance against any losses arising from cancellation or postponement of the conference or the inability of a participant to attend for any reason whatsoever, and they accept no liability for any loss or damage suffered by any participant or accompanying person during travel to and from, as well as during, the conference.