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5 Tips to Succeed in Cross-Border Investigations

Successful cross-border investigations have highlighted that, with rigorous journalism, the powerful can be held accountable. But how do you go from getting a hunch to building a successful reporting investigation? Lessons, challenges and opportunities of big cross-border investigations, like the Panama Papers and the Paradise Papers, were topics covered in a workshop at the 18th… Read more »

Kidnapping Democracy in Digital Age

The session discussed the misuse of digital tools and social media with the goal of swaying public opinion and skewing elections. The panelists particularly focused on the recent scandal of Cambridge Analytica in the US presidential elections, and the suspicions of foreign influence in political campaigns around the world. The high-level dynamic panel was attended… Read more »

¿Cómo podemos reducir la corrupción?

Sin duda, durante mucho tiempo, tanto los medios de comunicación como los agentes de lucha contra la corrupción global, han perseguido las actividades ilícitas en el sector público y privado. Sin embargo, dejando fuera todo el resto de complejas normas y políticas existentes de carácter internacional para prevenir, frenar o controlar la corrupción, este sigue… Read more »

Could Technology Be an Enabler of Corruption?

The question as to whether technology enables perpetrators of corruption to cause more havoc, or whether it strengthens the arms of state actors, the media or crusaders who are fighting corruption, was addressed at the International Anti-Corruption Conference. “It depends on which context we are talking about,” said Mihály Fazekas, assistant professor and scientific director… Read more »

Experts Call for the Establishment of Special Rapporteur for Human Rights and Corruption

  High-level human rights experts have called for the establishment of a special rapporteur for human rights and corruption. Appointed by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), special rapporteurs are independent experts tasked to monitor and report on the human rights situation through either a country mandate or thematic mandate. As special rapporteurs, they… Read more »

Why Governments That Ran on Anti-Corruption Promises Are Failing

New governments that have come to power around the world on the promise to fight corruption have fallen into old patterns of corruption, according to anti-corruption campaigners and experts. Panellists at the “Corruption and the Post Election Challenges” workshop held on Wednesday, during the International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) in Denmark, opined that the reasons for… Read more »

IACC 2018 Concludes: What Are the Next Steps?

  The International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) ended with a strong call to countries to renew their commitments to the fight against corruption. “Now is the time to act,” Martin Bille Hermann, Denmark’s state secretary for development policy, remarked at the closing ceremony. Hermann said that it is a time for countries to make tangible commitments… Read more »

Confronting Tax Evasion and Other Illicit Financial Flows

Denmark’s minister of taxation, Karsten Lauritzen, told an audience at this year’s International Anti-Corruption Conference that he writes an annual letter to the country’s top 20 tax-paying corporations. “Thanks for contributing to Danish society,” it reads. He was speaking at a panel titled ‘Confronting Tax Evasion and Other Illicit Financial Flows – Time to Translate… Read more »

The Fight Against Corruption in Africa

The African Union declared 2018 the year of combating corruption in Africa. Chairperson of the African Union Advisory Board on Corruption (AUABC), the Honorable Bégoto Miarom, revealed that 40 African countries have already signed the convention on anti-corruption. They are now collectively looking to implement strategies and share information that can be effective across the… Read more »

Anti-Corruption Activists From Around the World Rise in Defense of Civil Society and Democratic Institutions in Brazil

On this Wednesday, October 24, at the 18th International Anti-Corruption Conference in Copenhagen, 170 activists from 63 countries signed a letter expressing concern to the growing threats to civil society and the democratic institutions in Brazil. In the text, the international community of anticorruption specialists gathered at the 18th IACC alert that the reduction of… Read more »

#18IACC Day 3 Highlights – Tweets and Pics

“The positive reinforcement of #kleptocracy by the #UnitedStates is significant. It is being actively exported by other kleptocracy networks in places such as #Brazil and #Honduras“. –@Sarah_Chayes. #18IACC — IACC (@IACCseries) October 24, 2018 “Anti-#corruption is the best foundation of #China’s growth in the future.” – Chen Guomeng. #18IACC — IACC (@IACCseries) October… Read more »

Using Data to Counter Corruption and Money Laundering

Following digital data is like following a “trail of blood that leads to the knife for the murder investigation,” said Karen Greenaway, a U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation agent. Greenaway, who has more than 20 years of investigation experience, was speaking at the Using Data to Counter Corruption and Money Laundering workshop at the International… Read more »

Are Women Less Corrupt Than Men?

  Despite the efforts of movements fighting for gender equality around the world, the presence of women as political leaders is still not significant. The decisive positions of power in governments and companies are still largely held by men. Therefore, it may be too early to demonstrate a link between female participation in political life… Read more »

Reclaiming Civic Space

  The civic space for activists in the natural resources sector has seen a worrying trend of tighter restrictions and an increasing number of attacks, including attempts at undermining their credibility. “We have to use new mechanisms to impose ourselves in the defence of the interests of society,” said Joy Aceron, research affiliate and consultant… Read more »

Using Technology to Fight Land Corruption

One in five citizens are forced to pay bribes in exchange for access to land-related services, with figures rising up to 60 percent for women in rural Zimbabwe. That’s according to statistics shared at the International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) in Copenhagen, Denmark. Apart from bribes there are also many incidents of sexual harassment that affect… Read more »

Golden Visas: Golden Ticket or Get Out of Jail Free Card?

How much does it cost to get a European passport, or residency rights that give you access to housing and banks in Paris, Rome, or Brussels? It can be as little as €350,000 in Portugal if you buy a house in the right neighbourhood or promise to create five jobs, according to Susana Coroado from… Read more »