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KLM called to account for restricting travel of human rights defender

  PANAMA CITY – Joe Moses, a Papua New Guinean, and the producers of a film “The Opposition” have released a letter calling Air France-KLM S.A. to account for their unexplained detention of Moses in Singapore’s Changi airport. He was en route to Panama to present the film, which depicts his Paga Hill community’s struggle against… Read more »

Congressional corruption: An equity challenge for the United States?

The “Time for Equity” session at the 17th International Anticorruption Conference in Panama started, somewhat surprisingly, with the spotlight fixed firmly on the United States. Session moderator Sarah Chayes stated that the U.S. has battled systematized corruption for years. Chayes, a senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said that especially after the… Read more »

Interview with former Brazilian Head of Anti-corruption Jorge Hage: What the world can learn from the Car Wash Operation

Jorge Hage by Piero from IACC Young Journalists on Vimeo. Since 2014, Brazil’s Operation Car Wash has resulted in more than 240 criminal charges and 118 convictions in the country’s biggest corruption scandal to date. The operation is not a miracle, but is rather the result of a long effort in Brazil to fight corruption,… Read more »

The Gender Factor: what women’s rights and anti-corruption have in common

The feminist movement and the fight against corruption are not so far apart. Both require a general consensus on its significance, and both have a positive and progressive impact to society. Speaking at a panel session at the 17th International Anti-Corruption Conference titled, “People power and gender rights: Amplifying the voices, mobilizing, empowering, enabling change,”… Read more »

On top of the anti-corruption struggle in Latin America

Representatives of local Transparency International chapters in Latin America took time during the 17th IACC to evaluate and reflect on the past two years of struggle against corruption in their countries, specifically in Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Chile and Argentina. The session, moderated by Jimmy Bolaños (Costa Rica Integra), aimed to identify actors and factors… Read more »

Human rights activists and the media are being silenced – do more, delegates said

Journalists and human rights defenders need greater protection if they are going to be kept safe and free to continue the fight against corruption, experts have told an audience at the 17th International Anti-Corruption Conference in Panama City. The murders of prominent activists like Honduran Berta Caceres and the threats many journalists around the world… Read more »

#17IACC day 3 highlights – tweets and pics

"We dedicate this award to every Brazilian citizen that feels powerless in front of #corruption" – Lava Jato Task Force #17IACC #Brasil — IACC (@IACCseries) December 3, 2016 "It's not a matter of giving up but we r helpless against legislators that use power to protect themselves" #17IACC — Lucia Wei He (@LuciaWeiHe)… Read more »

Denmark to host #18IACC

We are excited to announce that the 2018 International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) will be hosted by Denmark together with Transparency International and IACC Council. Denmark has for several years in a row been ranked the least corrupt country in the World by Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index. Getting to Denmark is about learning from Danish experiences in… Read more »

Experts call for international cooperation in fighting corruption

What is “grand corruption” and how can it be combated on the domestic and international levels? Is it only about the amount of money or also about the corruption’s quality? These questions were raised during the panel “Willing and Able to Prosecute Grand Corruption” at the 17th International Anti-Corruption Conference in Panama. According to Transparency… Read more »

Is Panama Responsible for the Panama Papers?

Juan Carlos Varela, President of the Republic of Panama, lamented the fact that the Panama Papers scandal has tarnished his country’s image during his speech at the opening ceremony of the 17th International Anti-Corruption Conference. But Varela also said that Panama is not the one to be blamed for that, as the whole world is… Read more »

Brazilian “Car Wash” Prosecutors Threaten to Resign over Amendments to Corruption Law

On Saturday morning, Brazilian federal prosecutors from the Car Wash Task Force threatened to resign if the Brazilian Senate and President Michel Temer approved a bill that would compromise the independence of judges and prosecutors. The announcement was made by Deltan Dallagnon, lead prosecutor of the Lava Jato operation, during a ceremony in which Transparency… Read more »

Nine things to know about human trafficking

Human trafficking is defined in the UN Trafficking Protocol as “the recruitment, transport, transfer, harboring or receipt of a person by such means as threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud or deception for the purpose of exploitation.” A plenary at the ongoing 17th IACC in Panama focused… Read more »

Panama will not publicly disclose data of companies registered there

The government of Panama will not make public the data of individuals who have shell companies and trusts registered in Panama or by Panamanian accountants, lawyers and bankers, according to Mr. Gian Castillero, an advisor to the government of Panama on international financial services. Information on individuals who have shell companies in Panama will only… Read more »

Corruption in state-owned enterprises is a global menace

State-owned enterprises are considered vital to many developed and developing countries; however, both corruption and bribery continue to plague many of them, despite welcome changes adopted by countries towards addressing these issues. Jermyn Brooks, Chair of the Business Principles Steering Committee of Transparency International, acknowledges that corruption in state-owned enterprises is not a unique problem… Read more »

#17IACC day 2 highlights – tweets and pics

Our YJ studio today. #17IACC #PanamaPapers @IACCseries — Rajneesh Bhandari (@RajneeshB) December 2, 2016 There’s an absence of political will & legal action against human #trafficking partially explained by #corruption #17IACC #Panama — Kamilia Lahrichi (@KamiliaLahrichi) December 2, 2016 @selasekove #17IACC fellow covering human #trafficking for @anticorruption #Panama #IACC — Kamilia Lahrichi (@KamiliaLahrichi)… Read more »

Panama Government Responds to #FreeOkkeOrnstein Demonstration

In an official statement released Thursday afternoon, the Panamanian government responded to a protest that took place on the first day of the 17th International Anti-Corruption Conference during President Juan Carlos Varela’s opening speech. The protesters who conducted the demonstration demanded the release of Dutch journalist Okke Ornstein, who is charged with criminal libel in… Read more »

The people are angry, and voting in protest; Chayes, Eigen, Lessig, and Shetty Speak on “Equity”

People are angrier than ever about corruption but feel that governments and organisations are failing to do enough about it, according to experts speaking at the 17th International Anti-Corruption Conference in Panama. From Brexit to the election of Donald Trump in the United States, participants in the ‘Time for Equity’ session said that people are… Read more »