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Race and audio-visual: Topics at the 2019 Double Exposure

The issue of race, as well as, how to tell compelling stories through audio-visual took the front burner at the 2019 Double Exposure Investigative Film Festival and Symposium. The 4-day event, held at the Washington DC, the commercial nerve of the United States, was a gathering of investigative filmmakers and journalists from around the world…. Read more »

#18IACC Day 3 Highlights – Tweets and Pics

“The positive reinforcement of #kleptocracy by the #UnitedStates is significant. It is being actively exported by other kleptocracy networks in places such as #Brazil and #Honduras“. –@Sarah_Chayes. #18IACC — IACC (@IACCseries) October 24, 2018 “Anti-#corruption is the best foundation of #China’s growth in the future.” – Chen Guomeng. #18IACC — IACC (@IACCseries) October… Read more »