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The Fair Play music competition is now open

Fair Play is a global competition for original songs by young bands (age between 18 to 35) on the theme of anti-corruption, integrity, and fighting for social justice. The competition is a call for young musicians to join the global anti-corruption youth movement and ensure that the global community hears their messages.

The impact of corruption on our communities cannot be accurately conveyed in numbers or reports. To understand how it affects the lives of people, we must listen to their voices.


  • All songs must be original (no covers).
  • Entries may present edited or live video footage (no photo slideshows).
  • All songs must address in some manner the anti-corruption theme of the competition.
  • The video must present only one (1) song (no compilations).
  • Lyrics may be in any language but all artists are required to submit an English translation of the lyrics with their entry.
  • Artists must submit the lyrics for English language entries as well.

Application’s deadline is 1 September 2020.

Before applying read the Terms and Conditions.

Apply now

“We are artists, emerging, independent – we are “artivists” – resisting with our joy”

– Carol, Haha Que Pase (Colombia)

Fair Play Live Concert in Copenhagen

The winners were chosen from 43 entries from 21 countries and were invited to perform at VEGA in Copenhagen on 23rd October 2018.

Fair Play Winners 2018

Faith Mussa — Don’t Run Away


Malawian afro-soul one-man-band Faith Mussa, who has taken his socially-engaged musical outlook around the world, from TEDxLilongwe to Glastonbury 2017. He is known locally for campaigning against corruption and other social ills.

Rain in Sahara — Black Water


Rain in Sahara, an Indian hip-hop fusion trio who received critical acclaim for their breakthrough music video ‘Black Water’, a recent Gold Medal winner at the Indian Music Video Awards. It tackles issues of corruption, inequality and environmental damage.

HAGA QUE PASE — Juntos Ganamos


Colombian band Haga Que Pase, who fuse the sounds of urban Cali with those of rural Columbia to create a vibrant groove which chronicles the lives of everyday Colombians and indigenous people, providing a positive message for those living through difficult political conditions.


Past Winners

The top 3 winning bands of 2016 were invited to the 17th IACC to perform their songs that fight for social justice. Below are the top 3 songs for the competition held around the event in Panama.

NASSEMAN — Bonkey (Liberia)

‘Bonkey’ is a term in Liberian pidgin English for a corrupt individual. This video shows several scenes of struggling, everyday Liberian citizens who are adversely impacted by corruption in society.
The song and video vividly show the pain that society collectively feels as a result of corruption and is a call to action for reform and transparency at all levels.


Barbaroots formed as a group in the alternative Tunisian music scene in 2010, fusing Reggae, Dub, Gnawa and Maghreb Folklore influences.
The group have released 2 Eps, ‘From the Underground’ and ‘404’, and have been engaging the music scene in Europe and Tunisia with their energetic and engaging sound.

MC PATO EC — Manteniendo la esencia (Ecuador)

A musical project by Ricardo Patricio Romo Muñoz, founded in 2010 with the purpose of making music and expressing both personal and social experiences.
MC PATO EC’s music draws from Reggae, Funk, Ecuadorian pasillo, jazz and dubstep, and other genres and aspires to connect and share experiences through music.


Fair Play is an awareness-raising program and network building effort to connect socially conscious artists and citizens worldwide, brought to you by the JMI and Transparency International.

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