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17th IACC Registration is Closed.



The IACC welcomes approximately 1500 people to each conference and anyone is welcome to register to participate. We seek to have broad representation from civil society, the public and private sectors, the media, academics, students and citizens.

Anti-Harassment Policy

In order to ensure that the IACC creates a positive interaction experience for all participants, TI-S developed an Anti-Harassment Policy for events and meetings that provides guidance to prevent, investigate and stop incident of harassment in the spirit of equality and Transparency International’s values. For further information during the event on the harassment policy, please visit the IACC main information desk.

Registration for the 17th IACC in Panama is closed. The next edition of the IACC will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2018. Sign up to our newsletter and follow our updates on Twitter and Facebook regards the next IACC and its Global Initiatives.

Early Bird rates applied until the conference. 

Registration prices for the 17th IACC

  Early Bird (all prices in EUR)
Regular fee 400
Reduced fee (for NGOs, academic institutions and students) 300
Accompanying persons 200
Daily Rate 150


Registration FAQs

We hope this section of FAQs can help you through the process and answer some of your questions.

  • What does my Registration fee include?
    • Your Registration fee includes:

      1.Full admittance to all IACC Sessions including all Plenary Sessions and all Gamechanger Sessions (workshops).

      2.Full admittance to all IACC Social Events in the evening: this included the Welcome event, the Conference Gala; and the Farewell event.

      3.All meals as indicated in the Agenda. This includes lunches each day of the IACC, coffee breaks, and dinner.

      4.Access to the full conference Agenda with a log-in that allows you to interact with other participants, create your personal agenda and access conference materials.

  • What is an Accompanying Person?
    • An Accompanying Person is allowed to attend the social events taking place at the IACC. This includes the Welcome event, the Gala Dinner, Networking event and the farewell event on the evenings of the IACC, and the post-conference complimentary tour organised for the Malaysia Year of Festivals. They are not eligible to attend Plenaries, Gamechanger Sessions, side events, or lunches during the three days of the IACC.

  • I am a journalist, is there an option for me to attend the conference?
    • If you are a journalist or work in the media in any format, you do not need to register but should instead apply for Press Accreditation. Please write to [email protected]

  • Do you offer financial assistance to attend the conference?
    • We offer a special, reduced registration price for participants who are students, academics, or who come from NGOs. Beyond this, participants must fund their own travel and accommodation (see more on travel and accommodation below).

  • Do I pay in American Dollars or in Euros?
    • Registration payments will be made in American Dollars (USD), the Registration Prices quoted above are guidelines only. The equivalent dollars (USD) amount in your bank’s currency will be withdrawn from your account according to the exchange rate on the day you make the payment. We recommend participants use the Oanda currency exchange tool to learn more about the exchange rate between Dollars (USD) and their own currency.

  • Can I pay the IACC Registration fee via bank transfer?
    • Yes you can. There are 2 ways you can pay the registration fee, VISA/MasterCard and bank wire transfer. If you wish to pay by bank transfer you may do so using the following international wire transfer instructions:


      ABA number: 021000089

      SWIFT number: CITIUS33


      SWIFT number: BAALPAPA

      BNF.BK. ACCOUNT NO.: 36083741


      BNF. ACCOUNT NO. 3510000234

      BY ORDER OF: (your name)

      Once you have made the transfer you must send an email to [email protected] with a clear copy of the transfer confirmation with your FULL NAME indicated for verification. As soon as the payment is received, you will receive a confirmation message via email announcing completion of your registration process.

  • What happens if I have credit card problems and my payment does not go through? Do I have to start the registration process all over again?
    • The good news is that if you encounter issues with your credit card, the system will re-route you to enter valid credit card details. If you leave the session, you will have to begin the registration process again. We are constantly monitoring the registration system and any duplicate registrations will be eliminated.

  • How do I book my hotel and plane ticket?
    • Each participant must take care of their own hotel reservation and plane tickets. You will find more information on this in the Hotels and Transports section of the website. There are six conference hotels with special rates for IACC participants. To book one of the conference hotels, you must complete the booking form for whichever hotel you prefer and email it to the indicated hotel contact person. Similarly, participants should make their own travel arrangements. There is also information about this on the Hotels and Transport page. As soon as you have your flight and hotel reservations, please send us an email with the following data: name, date of arrival, flight number, arrival time and name of hotel.

  • Any further questions?

Press Accreditation Is Closed

The Press Accreditation was available to journalists working in any media. All the conference sessions are open to the media. You could have completed Press Accreditation online until 30 November 2016. After this date, Press Accreditation must be done in person at the Press Accreditation Centre at the conference venue.

To become accredited for the 17th International Anti-Corruption Conference, please complete the form here:



If your organization is requesting accreditation for more than a journalist or a group, please complete a form for each person and indicate that they are part of a group of the organization.

Press accreditation Terms

Press accreditation for the 17th IACC is available for journalists from all fields (print, online, TV, radio, web, and photographers). Those who receive press accreditation for the 17th IACC will not be subject to any fees.

How to apply for online accreditation

To become accredited online, please complete the 17th IACC Press Accreditation Form and attach:

  • A clear photocopy or scanned copy of your valid professional press card.
  • Freelance journalists without press cards are required to provide an official assignment letter from the responsible editor confirming assignment to cover the 17th IACC.
  • Online press without press cards should provide an official letter signed by their editor confirming the assignment to cover the 17th IACC. This letter should also contain information about the website and daily hits on the site.

The status of your accreditation will be confirmed no later than within one week after the submission of your accreditation form. Online accreditation assures that your credential will be ready for pick-up once you arrive at the Conference. It is strongly recommended that applications for accreditation be submitted online as early as possible in order to avoid delays.

When collecting your press badge at the conference, a press ID, belonging to the person mentioned in this form and valid at the time of the Conference, is necessary. Accredited journalists are exempt from the conference registration fee but are responsible for travel, accommodation or visa expenses related to the conference. Please note that failure to present a valid press ID on-site will result in the need for payment of the full delegate registration fee or denial of admission in the conference.

Further Information

Accreditation applies to all events taking place as part of the official Conference agenda, including social events. Special or side events which are not part of the Conference agenda are not included in the accreditation. If you would like to attend an event outside the official agenda please contact the media representative directly.

Press credentials will be available at the media accreditation counter at the entrance of the venue, the Atlapa Convention Center, located at Av 5 B Sur, Panamá, Panama

Please note that press passes are not transferable. Lost press passes must be reported immediately to the onsite Media Coordinator.

Upon arrival, press will be given:

  • Press identification badge (yellow)
  • Press kit (English)

Onsite accreditation will be granted during the entire Conference, provided the accreditation form and other required supporting documents are completed on location. However, to avoid delays at the Conference, it is advisable to apply for online accreditation in advance.

General inquiries or questions relating to technical requirements and logistical matters should also be sent to [email protected].

Press Filing Centre

The press filing centre will be indicated on the Conference venue map. The centre will provide work stations and computers with updated software, desks and hook-ups for working with your own laptop, IT support, broadband WIFI internet access, printers, fax machines and mobile phone signal. Where possible, copies of speeches, press releases, the Conference Programme, a press conference schedule and other relevant information will be available.

Practical Information

17th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC)

Theme: Time for Justice: Equity. Security. Trust.

Dates: 1st to 4th December 2016

Location: The Atlapa Convention Centre, Av 5 B Sur, Panamá, Panama

Please note that journalists accredited to cover the 17th IACC are responsible for their own travel and hotel arrangements. For information regarding the Conference hotels and visas please see here.