Using Tech to Connect the Dots

Saed Karzoun - Journalist, CEO & Founder of Taghyeer, Palestine

The YouKnow project aims at building an interactive digital platform which brings together decision makers, new media activists (bloggers, journalists, technology specialists) and citizens. Through this platform people express a problem. Activists, through the modern and interactive platform, turn the problem into an issue by portraying the data and the information as digital stories and sending them in digital form to the decision maker responsible for the problem. Palestine has no Access to Information law, You Know will fill that gap and bring important information to the people of Palestine.

Game Changing Factor

This is the first platform in Palestine which will provide creative and digital media content through the tools of blog, video, photo, voice and which deals with community accountability issues. It is the first platform to use digital instruments, social and new media in proposing and addressing issues of corruption and accountability and using modern and wide-spread technology. And it is the first platform to do its job technologically and apply the concept of accountability in real time; consequently, the results are practical, measurable and can be shown to people.

If, as an individual, I don’t take up the challenge of change…we shall all remain a sick and handicapped society.

Why I fight Corruption

My four-month old niece, Raghad, could have died because of doctor negligence and because we didn’t resort to nepotism and favouritism to get her the best medical care. There are hundreds of corruption stories in the health system and repeated fatal medical errors every day and complaints which are not seen by anyone. If, as an individual, I don’t take up the challenge of change, my son, daughter, any Palestinian child, or any member of his family will face the same problem. In the end, we shall all remain a sick and handicapped society.

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