19th IACC Agenda 19th IACC Agenda

Thanks to everyone who submitted a thematically relevant and thought-provoking session. We greatly appreciate your continuous interest in joining us at the upcoming IACC.  The call for proposals is now closed. The submission deadline was 15 December.

We are currently reviewing the proposals and shortlisting the leading sessions that can be included in the IACC agenda. We will send status notifications to the coordinators in the coming months.

The success of designing the 19th IACC agenda is a collaborative effort and depends on the workshop contributions of everyone interested in the fight against corruption.

Under the theme, Shaping the 2030 Agenda of Truth, Trust &Transparency. We invited civil society, governments, business, academia, youth activists, journalists and many more to submit their ideas.

Workshop formats

The thematic agenda for the 19th IACC sessions frames two different formats to present your work, share your innovative ideas, foster networking and engage participants.

We value interactive proposals that bring people together from different backgrounds to explore solutions and move the anti-corruption agenda forward.

  • Interactive circle: fishbowl style, interactive round set-up; conversation oriented with the audience. Panellists should avoid lengthy presentations and PowerPoint tools.
  • Panel debate: Traditional panel set-up; discussion-oriented with a table at the front of the room facing the audience. Panellists should keep the session dynamic with few presentations.

Ideally, each workshop is pitched around one of the thematic streams. We encourage you to address key issues, trends, and challenges posed by corruption as well as good practices to combat it.

Get inspired by previous IACC’s agendas.

To learn more about the last call for workshop submissions, see below:





Proposals submitted by session format

Interactive circle
Interactive circle: 74
Panel debate
Panel debate: 93

Proposals submitted by gender

Interactive circle
Interactive circle: 74
Panel debate
Panel debate: 93

Proposals submitted by Thematic Streams

Thematic Streams

Strategic paths towards a positive future

Restoring trust by collective action

Breaking vicious cycles of dirty money and impunity

New transparency standards for peace and social justice

Common efforts to advance social justice

Defending the truth

Proposals submitted by theme

Proposals submitted by theme

Workshop Proposal FAQ