Each edition of the International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) Series welcomes a select number of organisations with a commitment to the fight against corruption to partner with the IACC and/or financially support its different initiatives.

Financial support is categorised and acknowledged as follows:

Main Partners – €200,000 and above
Partners – €100,000 – €199,999
Supporters – €50,000 – €99,999

This financial support goes a long way towards the sustainability of the conferences and effective follow-up of its main outputs. It is also vital for the continuity of the IACC initiatives and special projects. Working with young and experienced journalists, social entrepreneurs, supporting game-changing technology, exploring the use of documentaries and film for advocacy in the fight against corruption, the IACC is an innovative and all round continuous engagement platform. It is a platform that connects, builds up and supports networks which make tangible contributions to our overall agenda, as well as engaging new actors in our work.

We thank the following organizations for their generous support to the IACC Initiatives and Projects and for the IACC Series.

Main partners


We welcome potential partners and supporters who are committed to the fight against corruption and with whom we can work together to maximise the impact of our activities.