• Confronting Global Threats:
    Standing Up for Integrity

    The Theme #IACC2024

Introducing the Theme

We face a myriad of interconnected global threats, all fiercely disrupting global security. At the same time, all those that fight for integrity, environmental and social justice are facing a deadly war.

Climate change, lack of trust in public governance, and the spread of populist and kleptocratic regimes are fuelling the increase of human rights violations, crimes against humanity, environmental crimes, illicit trade and trafficking, and the power of organised crime. As we move to a multipolar world, with an ineffective global governance system, efforts to sustain human security face even more challenges.

Greed and the lack of integrity in powerholders increasingly becomes a norm. Impunity is fuelled by dirty money, an obscure financial system, unchecked legions of enablers, and vast new opportunities indirectly offered by new technologies and globalisation. To perpetuate their impunity, the corrupt are willing to cross any red line.

Yet more than ever fighters for integrity and justice from all sectors and regions are bravely combatting, at elevated risk, against the social and environmental damage caused by these global threats, and those who benefit from it. It is them at the front lines who defend integrity and transparency at a local, national, and international level.

As we concluded the 20th IACC in 2022, we reaffirmed the urgency to strengthen our alliances and to support all those who fight for their rights and for our common future: Only then we will be able to cut the gordian knot of corruption.

The time to unite in their support and defence is now.

As a global collective, we repeatedly called on world leaders to translate promises to defend fundamental values and fight corruption into concrete actions – because the lack of delivery has increased today’s global threats.

The 21st IACC, to take place in Vilnius, Lithuania in summer of 2024 calls all who fight for integrity and those who defend it, from all regions of the world, from the public and private sectors, civil society, media, academia and from younger generations to come together to define the necessary actions to counter the growth of the global threats affecting us today. For the world we want.

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