Greetings from Akere Muna, Chair IACC Council

Greetings from Akere Muna, Chair IACC Council


by IACC-team

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Today in Putrajaya, with more than 1,000 participants, we have started to discuss and debate ending impunity through the prism of people, integrity and action.

Through the years and through every IACC, we have seen the demand for less corrupt governments and a less corrupt society increase and transform into mass mobilisation.


In this debate, the golden triangle of public sector, private sector and civil society are assessing their respective roles. It is my fervent hope that the declaration that will resonate from Putrajaya to the rest of the world will jump start a new consciousness leading to action that will make those predators of communal wealth understand that corruption should face consequences.

On behalf of my colleagues of the IACC Council, I wish you all an inspiring conference.