Press accreditation is available to journalists from all types of media (print, radio, tv, online press, photography), including freelance journalists. Accredited journalists will have access to all conference sessions and surrounding events.

We encourage you to apply for accreditation as soon as possible, but applications remain open online until Thursday 13 June 2024. We cannot guarantee that applications sent after that time will be processed.

Press Accreditation Terms

  • Press accreditation for the IACC 2024 is available for journalists from all fields, including print, radio and TV, online media, photojournalists and press attachés.
  • Accredited journalists are exempt from the conference registration fee; however, they are responsible for their own travel, accommodation and visa expenses (if applicable).
  • Accreditation applies to all events taking place as part of the official conference agenda, including social events. Special or side events which are not part of the conference agenda are not included in the accreditation. If you would like to attend an event outside the official agenda please contact [email protected] directly.
  • Online accreditation ensures that your credentials will be ready for pick-up once you arrive at the conference.
  • Any accreditation application not sent through the online form will not be processed. Only completed applications will be considered.
  • The list of accredited media may be shared with partner organisations supporting the conference. If you would like to remain unlisted, please mark so in the form above.

Further Information

After you submit your application you will receive an official confirmation email with further instructions on the status of your accreditation, registration steps, etc. Please note that you will still need to register for the conference in order to attend.

If you have questions now or upon receiving your approval, please don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected]