Breaking Social

dir. Fredrik Gertten | Documentary | Sweden | 2023 | Liet., angl. Subt. | 1hr 32 mins

We are told that if we work hard and play by the rules, we will be rewarded. So why are the rule breakers and kleptocrats getting away with murder and accumulating unimaginable wealth? Without paying anything back to society? 

The assassination of an investigative journalist in Malta, a river without water in Chile… Breaking Social joins the dots to reveal global patterns of kleptocracy and extractivism that are undermining democracy – and what happens when the people reach a tipping point and start to organize and protest. The documentary explores injustice and corruption in a story shaped by the work of social activists, journalists, economists and artists who are reimagining the building blocks of our societies and igniting seeds of hope that live within each of us.

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Sunday 16th June 2024. Festival Launch drinks reception 16.00 (tbc) Screening will be followed by Q&A with director Fredrik Gertten in conversation with IACC director Roberto Perez-Rocha

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