The Third Edition of Films 4 Transparency

Films for Transparency presents a series of eight new documentary films as an integral part of the 18th IACC programme. Reflecting the conference’s core concerns and drivers through the medium of film, F4T promotes documentary as a powerful anti-corruption advocacy tool, with the proven capacity to galvanise action, impact on policy, mobilise public opinion. The films tell compelling stories of activists, whistleblowers, journalists, lawyers and campaigners and provide a stimulating vehicle for reflection and critical debate.

The conference theme Together for Development, Peace and Security – Now is the Time to Act is informed and enriched by the daily realities, filmed over a period of many years, of people who have decided to take action. Women feature strongly in front of and behind the camera, in peace building and non-violence, speaking truth to power and challenging patriarchal impunity.  The films investigate the role of international justice, expose the complicity of supranational corporations and institutions and illuminate the courage and struggles of the whistle-blower. The protagonist/s and film-maker from each film are attending the conference and will be taking part in post show panel discussions.

All IACC screenings take place in Auditorium 15 in the Bella Centre. 

F4T at IACC is produced in partnership between Transparency International, Doc Society and Bertha Foundation.

This year F4T is delighted to be extending its reach by running a parallel festival October 20th – 25th, in Copenhagen  in partnership with Danish Film Institute and CPHDox, so brining these important issues to the attention of the general public. Full programme information here.