Geneva – Oil at any cost

Roland Chauville, 2022, Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland, usually known as the capital of peace and human rights, has also been the capital of oil trading since the 90s. But the discreet and successful alliance between Geneva and the oil trading industry is going through turbulent times: Gunvor, one of the world leaders, is making the headlines. A former employee has been convicted for corruption by the Swiss courts for giving millions of cash to the ruling family of President Denis Sassou NGuesso of Congo Brazzaville to access oil. As corruption scandals multiply, the Congo is bogged down in poverty. The film reveals the impact of these companies on developing countries and questions the responsibility of the Swiss authorities who host this oil trading industry while refusing to regulate it further.
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Screening with post show Q&A with director Roland Chauville, Gretta Fenner (Basel Institute on Governance), Simon Taylor (Global Witness), Rev David Ugolor (Africa Network for Environment and Economic Justice)

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