Anti-Corruption Film Festival in Panama 2016

Cinema and audiovisual media have undoubtedly become the most effective tool to raise awareness, report injustices, promote advocacy and to move the audience’s sensitivity, weaving bridges for small and large actions alike. Aware of this power, Transparency International has teamed up with ECOCINEMA and BRITDOC to produce FILMS FOR TRANSPARENCY – Anti-Corruption Film Festival in parallel to the 17th IACC.

With a carefully curated international program that is both critical, proactive, relevant and newsworthy, FILMS FOR TRANSPARENCY operates as a continuum to the issues tackled during the IACC, presenting proposals and experiences for the combat of corruption, and showcasing alternatives for a fairer, more equitable world while offering the audience the opportunity to dialogue with experts, directors and producers.

Through 16 screenings in our 3 venues and specialized round-tables at the Atlapa Convention Center, FILMS FOR TRANSPARENCY aims to open both eyes and hearts to what is going on in other countries and under our very noses.

All outdoor screenings are free of cost and open to general public, using ECOCINEMA sustainable technology.