Journalists for Transparency


Journalists for Transparency is a collective of young journalists and storytellers that seeks to explore issues of transparency and corruption around the globe. They are passionate about in-depth, multimedia-rich reporting on matters of transparency and corruption around the world, and how they affect citizens’ daily life.

Via a global competition, the IACC welcomes young journalists from around the world to report on the workshops and sessions at the conference. The Journalists for Transparency Network is the next stage of the young journalist’s development. These initiatives offer an opportunity for young journalists to dig deep and uncover corruption by working together cross-border investigations around the world.

Typical topics of interests to the network include beneficial ownership transparency, illicit financial flows, human trafficking, wildlife crime and smuggling, migration, forced labour, sextortion, abuse of public funds (cronyism and nepotism) corruption in natural resource exploitation, corruption in terrorism, private sector corruption.

To get a better overview of their work, check out the website: