Future-Proofing Business: The Integrity Advantage of ESG

Future-Proofing Business: The Integrity Advantage of ESG


by iaccAdmin

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The workshop will delve into the critical role integrity plays in achieving ESG goals. Encompassed in this is a broader governance approach that goes beyond the G in ESG, impacting the E and the S of business operations. The question is not just why integrate anti-corruption into ESG, but how? This session answers that with real-world solutions under a transformational governance lens.

The workshop will provide a solutions suite, through case studies of real-world examples of how companies have successfully integrated anti-corruption into their ESG strategies, and the importance of corporate governance in this endeavor.

The session will also introduce the Transformational Governance Corporate Toolkit, which supports companies with a broader approach to the G, guiding them in championing ethical leadership, accountability, integrity, and transparency.


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