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Kleptocrats, Criminals, Traffickers, And Accomplices: It Is Time to Close Their Global Enterprise

The news is old, already: Kleptocrats, criminals, traffickers and their accomplices have been benefitting from the failure of anticorruption reforms and weak democratic institutions. They are continuously evolving and to date, they run a highly sophisticated global enterprise: It is an invisible 1 billion USD per year scheme, right under our noses.

Its complex, resilient, and surprisingly innovative. It is a web of networks, individuals, and groups. It includes kleptocrats, politicians, business leaders, enablers, bankers, criminals, and anyone in between. They thrive through a single, highly profitable, but often deadly ecosystem.

Organised crime is a global risk that cuts across all thematic areas of the 21st IACC agenda. We look to uncover -and learn from- their strategies, address anticorruption reform failures, while assessing what from our work is having the best impact against this dark criminal enterprise.

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