Track I: Time for Justice

All around the world people are standing up against corruption. The force of civic action has succeeded in applying public pressure and in many cases the corrupt have felt the consequences. But despite positive progress, corruption continues and the guilty enjoy impunity. How can the global community work together to fight grand corruption and ultimately sanction the corrupt?

Track II: Time for Equity

Corruption is prevalent all over the world and continues to increase in complexity.  Poor countries lose 1 trillion US dollars a year due to corruption which widens the gap between rich and poor and importantly denies equity, safety and fairness to millions around the world. How can we ensure that political will translates into concrete, immediate and visible actions?

Track III: Time for Security

Governments, activists, ordinary citizens and journalists too often live under danger caused by terrorism, trafficking, organised crime and state repression. These threats are weakening civic space at an unprecedented pace. Increasingly, civil liberties such as freedom of speech, association or assembly have been closed under the guise of national, regional or even global security. How can governments and society work together to fight organised crime, trafficking, terrorism and state capture alike while upholding the civic space?

Beyond the Panama Papers

More details coming soon.

Track IV: Time for Trust

Despite the ethical and legal obligations of the financial system and the private sector, their moral compass has now been challenged beyond the point of denial. Efforts to rebuild public trust have been severely undermined by recent scandals and momentous revelations about the financial world. There are now urgent yet game-changing opportunities for all actors to work together and clamp down on corruption in the financial system, the enablers as well as companies. How to build trust?