Each edition of the IACC features up to 60 workshops coordinated by the global anti-corruption community. We invite all interested parties to submit a workshop proposal for the in-person event in Washington, D.C. To help prepare your proposal, you are welcome to download a copy of the workshop proposal form in Word or PDF formats.

Great news! We received quite a few requests to extend the deadline beyond 15 August. We now are happy to welcome workshop proposals until 29 August 2022 COB. We hope a little more time can help support your planning. All the best with the proposals and we look forward to hearing from you.

All other details about registering for the conference are available here.


  • What makes a session proposal successful?

    It should concentrate on one of the following:

    Evidence and perspectives. Workshops should examine new revelations about corruption and the fight against it, bring forward successes and reflect on the failures of past interventions, or provide an in-depth examination of how corruption manifests itself and how it impacts our societies. (This may include a discussion of cases, new research into patterns of corruption or progress assessments.)

    Solutions and responses. Workshops should bring forward solutions – traditional or innovative – as well as foster consensus around reform proposals, find new allies among IACC participants or demonstrate the way forward to achieve change.

    Future trends. Workshops should envision the future of corruption and anti-corruption efforts or offer insight into how current opportunities and threats may shape our fight in the years to come and ultimately contribute to the design of new strategies.

    Good submissions should demonstrate how the workshop will:

    • Provide clear follow-up actions.
    • Incorporate a diversity of gender, sector, race, geographic and other perspectives among panellists or contributors, including people with direct community-level experiences of corruption.

    Workshop proposals are more likely to be successful if they consider one of the following cross-cutting questions:

    • What is the call for action?
    • How do we scale up investment in solutions?
    • What insights can new or younger voices offer?
    • How do we involve business in the solutions?

  • What workshop formats are available?

    Each workshop at the IACC will last 120 minutes and should leave time at the end for questions from the audience. We offer two different workshop formats for you to choose from. We will do our best to accommodate your choice:

    • Interactive Circle

      This is a fishbowl-style, interactive set up. Conversation and debate with the audience is encouraged; lengthy presentations and PowerPoints are discouraged.

    • Panel Debate

      This is a traditional panel set up, with a table at the front of the room facing the audience. Fewer presentations and more discussion is ideal. Good moderation is key; welcoming questions from the audience is essential.

  • What is the timeline for workshop proposals?

    The call for workshop proposals is open until 29 August 2022. Successful proposals will be announced in September 2022. All workshop coordinators will receive an email from the IACC team at Transparency International ([email protected]) regarding the status of their proposal from 1-15 September.

  • Can the IACC provide financial support for successful workshops?

    With thanks to the hosts of IACC 2022, there is a limited amount of funding available to help support workshops that would not otherwise be able to take place at the IACC. The fund is limited, and priority will be given to members of civil society and speakers from low-income countries. Workshop proposals accepted for inclusion in the IACC agenda will have the opportunity to apply for this fund to cover an economy flight to Washington, D.C. and accommodation at the IACC hotel. The policy and guidelines for the application will be shared with successful workshop coordinators in September.

  • Where does the conference take place?

    The conference venue is the Omni Shoreham Hotel. There are a limited number of hotel rooms available for IACC delegates. Should you wish to avail of the IACC booking, kindly visit here.

  • I’m looking for inspiration – where can I see some examples?

    Browse the most interesting sessions featured on previous IACC agendas from Denmark and Korea.