Rabbie Nasseman, winner of the Fair Play Anti-Corruption youth voices competition, and an Anti-Corruption Ambassador in Liberia, composed a new song dedicated to fighting corruption.

Song Title: Justice



Let Justice be done to all mankind
Cause we are tired of the violence and crime
Too much CORRUPTION in this world
Darkens the future of our boys and girls
There’s a lot of people out there
That need some food clothing, shelter and care
There’s a lot of youth out there
That is dying from the guns and bombs that they share
They keep on polluting the system
With drugs abuse and human trafficking
Illicit money still coming na mi resident
And Activists still faced with resistance
Journalist they prosecute and sentence them
Extremism is another form of violence
With populism they want play on my conscience
But they don’t know say Rasta see them from a distance
Environmental destruction forced my people into migration
Why must we sit aside and watch this sudden pollution?
It’s time we rise against injustice and corruption
It’s time we stand and fight oppression
With all my blood and all my tears
With all my sweat after all those years
We be fighting for Justice
Fighting for Justice (2x)
Justice (7x)
We be fighting for Justice

Your corruption have no limitation
Your injustice have no toleration
It’s time that you take away your superstition
We need no racial discrimination
All we need is racial integration
Be a Black or White is just the color pigmentation
They want to put the both of us in different situation
The victor and the victim end up in destruction
Trusting in this croakish- system of corruption and division
Intimidation the proclamation of emancipation
It’s time we stand strong
To sing a new song
Chasing money building houses with corrupt connections
Enriching themselves in public positions
Teaching the ambition of corruption
Tell me what becomes of the future generations
It’s time we put TRANSPARENCY into action
It’s time we focus on promises made in conference and conventions
Sustainable development and Peace is what we stand for
Equal rights and justice and equality

It’s no time to commit crime and walk with impunity
It’s time for Justice to be done to all humanity
So it’s time for us to stand
And fight for equal rights and justice
With no time to stand it’s time to go