Mafia and Banks – Crime without Limits

dir Christophe Bouquet/Mathieu Verdoun, France/Global, 2023 – 60mins

This documentary features the work of OCCRP founder Paul Radu tracing the source of contemporary corruption back to the end of the Cold War when Russia and China are intent on preserving their influence in a changed world and new territories and markets are opening up for the mafia. A global industry of lawmakers, lawyers and banks emerges as enabling Organised Crime, undermining market economy, rule of law and democracy itself, facilitated by the lack of political will to challenge it. 

Paul Radu says: “This documentary is about a lot more than how criminals and crooked politicians inserted themselves in the global financial systems and it’s about a lot more than how bankers aided and abetted large scale money laundering. It’s really about how democracy was undermined from within the world’s financial systems. Seen through this lens, we can reframe how we think about reform, and what democracies have to do to fight back.

F4T Theatre Thursday 20th June 13:00 – 14:30 Screening and post show discussion with Paul Radu OCCRP and the film’s directors Christophe Bouquet and Mathieu Verdoun.


Paul Radu –  Co-Founder and Head of Innovation, OCCRP, US
Christophe Bouquet – Director, Mafia&Banks, France
Mathieu Verdoun – Director, Mafia&Banks, France
Anrika Visser (Moderator) – Senior Advisor EU, Illicit Finance Policy at The Sentry, Estonia

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