State of Silence

dir. Santiago Maza Stern | Documentary | Mexico | 2024 | 1hr 22

State of Silence follows four Mexican reporters who risk their lives in the world’s most dangerous country for journalists, pursuing their calling for truth, shedding light on the pain and fear that their fellow citizens endure after two decades of the so-called war against drugs. They are investigators, chroniclers, and victims of the violence unleashed by the narcopolítica system: that dangerous point of fusion between organised crime corporations and local corrupt governments. The documentary highlights the government’s inaction and denial in the face of this crisis in Mexico. Administrations have come and gone, yet the problem only worsens.

Director Santiago Maza says: “This is a worldwide issue and we should approach it as an international front, sharing experiences and ideas as a worldwide community. We look forward to hearing new perspectives at IACC to enrich our campaign.”

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F4T Theatre Thursday 20th  17:00 – 19:00  Screening and post show discussion with  the film’s director Santiago Maza Stern and journalist Jesús Medina

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