Applications for Young Journalists are now closed

Thank you for sending us your application.

We were very happy to receive so many applications from such diverse and strong candidates. A panel of representatives from Transparency International are now assessing all applications. We ask you to please be patient and wait to hear from us if your application is successful. Unfortunately due to the high volume of applications received, we will not be able to respond to requests on the status of your application. Winners will be contacted on Friday, September 30th 2016.

About the YJ Initiative

Successful Young Journalists will be selected from South America and the rest of the world* to form the Young Journalist (YJ) team at the IACC. They will work together under the guidance of the IACC and Transparency International media unit to report on the conference and the conference sessions through various social media and new media channels including the IACC blog, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo. The selected YJs will also have the opportunity to submit stories to their own news outlets, write monthly blogs/articles for the IACC website and have a chance to engage with the TI National Chapters in their respective countries.

Please read the Guidelines below, and read the full 17th IACC Young Journalist Terms of Reference before you submit your application.

What you’ll receive

Successful applicants will be invited to report on the 17th IACC in Panama City, Panama. You will receive:

  1. Ticket to the 17th IACC
  2. Round-trip economy flights to Panama and accommodation for four nights.*
  3. Refund for any visa costs
  4. Guidance and advice from our Communications team at Transparency International and previous Young Journalists.
  5. Journalistic opportunities before and after the conference with the freedom to write about what matters to you.
  6. Access to some of the most influential people in the anti-corruption field as well as the civil society, business and governmental sectors

Who we’re looking for

  1. Someone not over 35 years old on the 2nd September 2016.
  2. A working journalist or blogger of any nationality with proven experience, based in a country where there is a Transparency International National Chapter.*
  3. We’re looking for photojournalists, video broadcast journalists, print/online journalists, or tech-savvy journalists with experience working across different platforms.
  4. Fluency in English (demonstrated through TOEFL and/or IELTS scores if available).
  5. Journalists with a taste for fighting corruption and keen to learn more about Transparency International, the IACC Series and the issues we work on. Ideally you should have experience reporting on social issues.
  6. Skills and knowledge in one of the following:
    • Print/online journalism
    • Photojournalism
    • Video broadcast journalism
    • Technology/social media
    • Graphic design/journalism

How do you apply?

For the chance to be part of the select 17th IACC Young Journalists group you need to submit the following:

  1. Links to or samples of your work in your medium of expertise, preferably on issues covered by the IACC (see the Conference Agenda for inspiration).
  2. A short essay (250-300 words) in English on why you want to join the Young Journalist team and what you can do to contribute before, during, and after the Conference.
  3. Finally, include a resume/CV in English with references.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and you should therefore aim to get your application in as soon as possible. The final deadline is the 20th September 2016.

What happens next?

All applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and assessed by a team of representatives from Transparency International. After the 20th September 2016 the application period will close. Winners will be informed no later than the 30th September 2016.

We invite everyone who is qualified and who is passionate about what Transparency International and the IACC Series stands for to apply and be part of this incredible conference!

Please read the accompanying 17th IACC Young Journalist Terms of Reference before you submit your application.

Possibly the best part of this amazing initiative is that the selected YJs will become part of an inspiring IACC YJ Network which includes some of the greatest young journalists of our time. This is a snapshot of who the current YJs are, their interests and where they come from. To learn more check out their individual profiles.

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