IACC Safeguarding measures

We want every participant to feel welcome and safe while participating to the IACC.

As the event organiser, Transparency International and the IACC are committed to creating an inclusive, safe, and harassment-free environment for all participants. Every participant should feel welcome, comfortable, and safe at the event. Equally, every participant should act respectfully towards other participants, organisers, facilitators, moderators, and other support staff.

Harassment, including sexual harassment, discrimination, discriminatory remarks, or any form of intimidatory behaviour towards other participants or support staff, whether online or in person is not tolerated. We encourage the audience to remain courteous and respectful with each other’s during this workshop/conference. We trust that participants know how to act in a professional and respectful manner.

Trained and trusted points of contact are present during digital and physical events throughout the conference. They are available for providing advice, facilitating conflict resolution and for gathering information from participants affected by harassment or intimidation.
We invite you to consult our anti-harassment policy online and to get in touch with our safeguarding Team by email [email protected] or in person with our points of contact to report or discuss a specific situation confidentially.

Points of contact

Points of contact are named by the moderator at the start of online events. Please look out for the information provided in chat.

Points of contact are also present in person throughout the event. Please look for persons wearing a green lanyard.


Transparency International guidelines for online meetings

Anti-Harassment Policy for events

Please note that reported misconduct may lead to an investigation.